The Science Behind The Smile!


Our mission is to provide you the purest experience possible.  Period.  It’s in the company name!


Because we only use CO2 extraction, we don’t have to torture the product to try to eliminate butane, propane, or other solvents.  Our investment in premium technology yields a much more natural product.

The Science

We take pride in our state of the art lab equipment, processes, and our grasp of the science of extraction. For example, did you know that the chlorophyll molecule not only has a polar head and a hydrophobic tail, but it can be convinced to curl its head around its tail or vice-versa? Good news, you don’t have to care! Just know that we do.

The Art

If you’ve baked a cake, you can appreciate that there isn’t necessarily a single path to perfection. Yet we all know when we’ve achieved foodie greatness or when we’ve burned the heck out of it. Extracts and edibles are similar. We hope you enjoy our artisanal creations as much as we enjoy crafting them.

100% Pure

High Desert Pure crafts some of the purest, highest-quality CO2 concentrates in Oregon. Here’s a breakdown of the components that make up the 100%* pure CO2 concentrate.

* Yes, you herb nerds who added the percentages, the graph adds up to 110% (we tend to go overboard absolutely loving what we do).


Premium Trim & Flower


Artistry & Innovation


Technology & Equipment


Sheer Joy

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