Dablicator™ Tips

To maximize your happiness quotient and to ensure the best experience, here are some handy tips to care for your Dablicator™:


<!– Snapping the base on and off

  • The tip of the cap unscrews from its base. But the base itself can be pulled off and removed. Since it’s plastic and the Dablicator™ is glass, this allows you to dab directly onto a hot nail if you like. The base can then be snapped back on when you’re done.
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Getting started

  • Dab oil directly from the glass dispenser onto your e-nail or dab rig of choice.
  • Remove the rubber tip cap, dab it up, and replace the cap when you’re done.

Dabbing Temps

  • Try dabbing at different temperatures to explore the different terpenes and flavors that are vaporized at different points.
  • Keep it cool – you don’t need to crank your dab rig up to 800 degrees for a pleasant atomizing experience.

Bake your own

  • High Desert Pure craft cannabis oil is fully activated. We already converted the THCA into THC for you so you can use our oil for making your own edibles at home. No heating required! <!– Math tip: If you have a gram of oil (a full Dablicator™), that’s 1000mg of oil. If your oil contains 78% THC then you have 780mg of THC in that entire Dablicator™. So, if you want to make cookies or other snacks with it, you can dose accordingly based off of that number. For example, if you want to make 15mg doses, and you have 780mg of THC, then 780/15 = 52 cookies. –!>
  • Check our dosing calculator page to see how much extract to use.

<!– Refills for an atomizer

  • You can also use our oil to refill atomizers. Just screw a syringe tip onto the end of the Dablicator Glass Syringe.
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Oil is too thick

  • If the oil is too thick and hard to get out, run the Dablicator™ under warm (not hot) water for a few seconds.

If you have a defective Dablicator™ (non-user failure), contact us at info@www.highdesertpure.com or return it where purchased for a replacement or refund.

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