Pure Pen™ Tips

To maximize your happiness quotient and to ensure the best experience, here are some handy tips to care for your Pure Pen™ Atomizer:

HDP Pure Pen_Diagrams 1 and 2


Getting started

  1. Remove rubber caps from the top and bottom of your High Desert Pure Pen Atomizer.
    • Don’t throw away the mouthpiece cap. You’ll want it to protect your atomizer.
  2. Screw an HDP battery into the bottom, threaded-side of the Atomizer. (see diagram 1)
  3. Make sure the battery is properly charged. (see diagram 3)
  4. Press the battery button (see diagram 4) while inhaling from the mouthpiece for a few seconds.

Temperatures and High Desert Pure’s oil
High Desert Pure™ craft cannabis oil has been designed to work in atomizers without the use of any flow agents. For optimal performance and flavor, it is best to avoid extreme temperatures.

  • If your oil gets too hot, it could cause a slight leak or clog.
  • Don’t store your pen in a hot car, near heated surfaces, or in direct sun for long periods of time.
  • Pockets are a cozy and safe place for HDP Atomizers; they keep the oil at the perfect temperature.
  • What about cold temperatures? Part of the beauty of the HDP atomizer is that it works great even if the oil is cold.

About HDP batteries

  • Using an HDP battery is highly recommended!
    • They provide the perfect atomizing temperature for optimal flavor.
    • Other 510 threaded batteries may work, but may not provide the ideal heat.
    • Other batteries may burn out the atomizer’s coil.
  • Air actuated batteries don’t work with this atomizer.
  • TIP! To avoid wasting your charge, overheating and possible clogging of the atomizer, we recommend you turn off your battery (see diagram 4) when not in use.

HDP Pure Pen_Diagrams 3 and 4


Weak hits

  • Recharge the battery; it may be low. (see diagram 3)
  • Adjust the battery voltage. (see diagram 4)
  • If you’ve charged your battery already, you might have an air bubble trapped inside of your atomizer. (see diagram 2)
  • TIP! Reuse the rubber mouthpiece cap to protect your atomizer from collecting pocket lint on the mouthpiece.

Pen not working

  • Make sure your battery has a good connection and is screwed into the atomizer properly.
    • Unscrew the atomizer very slightly from either the battery (see diagram 1) or between the base and top portion (see diagram 2) of the atomizer.
    • Then, re-tighten the unscrewed section.
  • If your battery light flashes white, charge it.
  • Air bubbles may be trapped in the chamber. (see diagram 2)
  • Your atomizer may be clogged. Hold power button down for a few seconds to warm the clog.
  • If you tried all of the above troubleshooting steps without affect, your coil could be burned-out. A common cause for a burned out coil is using a non-High Desert Pure battery.

If you have a defective Pure Pen Atomizer (non-user failure), contact us at info@www.highdesertpure.com or return it where purchased for a replacement or refund.

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