Balms Away

Meet our most potent topical yet.


The 1500 mg Big Balm

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Balms Away

Meet our most potent topical yet.


The 1500 mg Big Balm

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Why Us?

HDP science

1. All Natural, Full Spectrum

We make all our products with full-spectrum extracts and all-natural ingredients‭. If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t include it.

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2. Transparency and Quality

We’re so proud of our products that we put all of our test results online. To see third-party lab test results for any of our topicals, just visit our testing page.

HDP science

3. Bang for Your Buck

We believe quality cannabis products should be accessible to the people who need them. That’s why we work so hard to pack as much effective goodness as possible into each product. Compare the price per milligram of our products to the competition and you’ll see how HDP stands above the rest.

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4. Heart and Soul

We got into the cannabis space in the medical days with the simple goal of helping people‭‬. Our mission hasn’t changed. Armed with science and passion, we make the purest, most effective products we can to help our customers live their best lives.

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FAQs & Support

You guys are the best! Can I buy directly from you?

To find our THC-based products, you’ll need to head to a dispensary in Oregon or California. See our Where to Find HDP page for a listing of retailers who carry our products. You can, however, purchase our CBD-only products from our sister website. We’ll ship those anywhere in the good ol’ US of A via USPS Priority Mail.

What's the difference between your CBD-only and your THC-based topicals?

Neither will get you high. However, CBD behaves a little differently than THC when used in a topical. The relief seems to be cumulative, and we recommend using CBD topicals for a few days to allow the full potency to build up. THC-based topicals tend to provide rapid but short-lived relief.

If I use one of your topicals, will I fail a drug test?

No. Your skin protects your body from absorbing any THC into your bloodstream. Even if you were to use our highest strength cannabis-infused lotion, you wouldn’t fail a drug test.

In a study by the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, three volunteers applied THC topicals every two to four hours over a period of three days. Researchers didn’t find cannabinoids in the blood or urine of any of the volunteers.

Why is the potency number on my label different from what I see on your website/what was on my last product?

Have you noticed that some topical companies always list the same THC and CBD potency numbers on their products? This is a red flag.

The potency of full-spectrum extract varies slightly from batch to batch, as do topicals made with full-spectrum extract. Other concentrated cannabis products—like distillate THC—produce consistent potency numbers, but at what cost? Distillates strip cannabis down to its most basic—and least useful—form. Unlike distillate, full-spectrum extract uses the whole cannabis plant and preserves all the healthful compounds.

We use full-spectrum extract in our topicals. The potency numbers on our website are targets, and as such, the unique numbers printed on each label might be slightly higher or lower depending on the batch.

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We’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas! Collaborating and listening to the community strengthens High Desert Pure’s commitment to helping Oregon find its happy place.