Welcome to High Desert Pure. Our story begins when two Bend, Oregon families decided to take their tech and science know-how to the budding (heehee) cannabis industry. Ever since, we’ve been learning how to make the best products we can. While our techies and business folk work hard at making sure operations run smoothly, our chemistry commanders are passionate about turning the best organic trim on the market into the best oil on the market. Yeah, we work hard…

But we play hard, too. We’ve never lost our local, Bendite roots, and you’ll love our stuff for the same reason you love Oregon — our craft CO2NCENTRATE  is natural, local, and oh so pure.




CEO, Co-Founder

“The kind of guy you’d like to grab a beer with.” -Jack’s mom

Favorite Oregonian past time: Skiing Mt. Bachelor




“A really scary dude.” -Some elk he hunted

Favorite Oregonian past time: Checking out new dispensaries



Lab Director

“I lit myself on fire again.” -Drew

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Running through the wilderness like a gazelle



Topicals Maven

“She is so mean to us.” -Aches and pains

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Cooking with local ingredients



Grow Guru

“An absolute legend.” -Ken Kesey

Favorite Oregonian past time: Bringing music to the wilderness



Organization Extraordinaire

“Just the best person to play fetch with.” -His dog, Daisy

Favorite Oregonian past time: Biking all over the place



Captain O' Content

“Brilliant. Beautiful. Bedazzling.” -The person who designed this page

Favorite Oregonian past time: Swimming the snowmelt



Chemistry Champion

“Tell me more about terpenes.” -Admirers

Favorite Oregonian past time: Camping in the woods



Stoke Star

“He never leaves home without me.” -Good Vibes

Favorite Oregonian past time: Skiing through the backcountry


We’d love to hear your questions, comments, and ideas! Collaborating and listening to the community strengthens High Desert Pure’s commitment to helping Oregon find its happy place.

Here are some questions we’ve been asked a few times.

You guys are the best! Can I buy direct from you?

Yes and no.  Let us explain.  Oregon prohibits our selling THC based products direct to consumers.  You can purchase those from dispensaries throughout Oregon.  See our Locations page for a listing of retailers who carry our products.  You can however purchase our CBD-only products right from our online store.  We’ll ship those anywhere in the good ol’ US of A via USPS Priority Mail.

What's the difference between your CBD-only and your THC-based topicals?

Neither will get you high.  However, CBD behaves a little differently than THC when used in a topical.  The relief seems to be cumulative and takes a few days of use to “build up” to full potency, as opposed to THC which is fairly instantaneous yet short lived.

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