About Us

If you want to learn a little bit about who we are, read on! If you’re looking for answers about how to buy or use an HDP product, check out our FAQs page.

Why did you start selling cannabis topicals?

As it turns out, one of our founders is a pretty weak waterskier. To allow him to save face and remain anonymous, let’s pretend that Jack’s real name is Skip. So, Skip goes waterskiing and cleverly manages to rupture a disk in his back. How did you even do that, Skip? Waterskiing is just not that hard. During his recovery, he found cannabis a more effective (and less terrifying) solution than opioids and other scary drugs rife with side effects like Prednisone and Gabapentin. For more on our origin story, check out our interview at AskGrowers.

How old are you?

Five, but a precocious five.

Where were you founded?

We didn’t know we were losted!

We’re based in beautiful Bend, Oregon. You can find our THC products throughout Oregon and California and you can get our CBD products online. Sorry, but current laws prevent us from selling products containing THC online.

Do HDP products make good gifts?

Apparently, there is a new law being proposed that will make our topicals the only present you’re legally allowed to give as a gift. Don’t look that up. We checked already.

I’m a marsupial. Can I use your products?

Probably not. Most extant marsupials live in Australia, and as cannabis is not internationally legal, it’s difficult to think of a way for you to get it. If you did have some, it would probably work really well for you. Bummer about the whole “not having opposable thumbs” thing, though. You might want to phone a friend to lend a hand. Or, um, thumb.

How do you feel about the planet?

We’re BIG fans. We’re working hard to make our products as environmentally sustainable as possible. If you’ve visited a dispensary before, you probably noticed that most cannabis packaging (especially child-resistant packaging) is plastic. Finding recycled and recyclable child-resistant packaging is a big challenge, but it’s a challenge we’re tackling. Check out our glass Soak & Fizz bottles, our recycled glass balm jars, and our reclaimed ocean plastic lids!

How innovative are your topicals?

“The biggest innovation since penicillin.” -Alexander Fleming

Do you pronounce it La Croy or La Cwoh?

La Croy. We don’t speak French. Oui oui.

Do you test on animals?

Goodness, no. We hoard our topicals for ourselves.

My skin is very dry and scaly. Moss keeps growing on me. I am in desperate need of a product to help me. Also (not sure if this is relevant), I am a rock.

Whew, we thought you were going to say that you were either a lizard or someone who washes your hands every few minutes like we do. Fortunately, at least one of our employees is also a rock (maybe you can meet up??) and thinks our products are great.

What if I covered my body in lotion and squiggled around like a slug?

In our experience, this will always get you a second date. Also, please consider posting a video for us on social media @highdesertpure.

But wait, I have more questions! Can I pester you?

By all means, please pester us!

Meet the Herb Nerds



CEO, Founder

“The kind of guy you’d like to grab a beer with.”
-Jack’s mom

Favorite Oregonian past time: Skiing Mt. Bachelor



Lab Director

“I lit myself on fire again.”

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Running through the wilderness like a gazelle



Captain o' Content

“So beautiful! So clever! So totally writing these bios!”
-Definitely not Laura

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Finding the best local coffee



Topical Sous Chef

“There are lots of good humans out there, but Tamie is the best. Trust us. We are experts.”
-Her dogs

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Spoiling the aforementioned dogs



Executive Director of Finance

“I have given you a stuffed squirrel and now we will play fetch.”

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Putting her stuffed squirrel on your feet so that you might play fetch



Organization Extraordinaire

“Just the best person to play fetch with.”
-His dog, Daisy

Favorite Oregonian past time: Biking all over the place



Head Tinker

“A friend.”
-Ken Kesey (really!)

Favorite Oregonian past time: Name that Grateful Dead tune



Bath Bomb Phenom

“She lost us again and we miss her terribly.”
-Her car keys

Favorite Oregonian past time: Exploring her new city!



Tour Guide and Brand Ambassador

“He knows so much about us! It’s so flattering!”

Favorite Oregonian past time: DJ-ing at KPOV radio



California Topical Chef

“I love Lisa! She’s as sweet as me!”

Favorite past time:  Baking up a storm



Topicals Maven

“She is so mean to us.”
-Aches and pains

Favorite Oregonian past time:  Cooking with local ingredients



Stoke Star

“He never leaves home without me.”
-Good Vibes

Favorite Oregonian past time: Skiing through the backcountry



Pat of All Trades

“Objectively, he’s the best Patrick.”
-Patrick Star

Favorite Oregonian past time: Listening to Joe Rogan podcasts and bringing a cheerful Oregonian attitude everywhere he goes



Chem Wizard

“Oh! I didn’t see you there!”
-Maddie, whose many talents include being easily startled

Favorite Oregonian past time: Enjoying the Oregon sunshine



Brand Ambassador

“She introduces us to so many people!”
-The HDP Love

Favorite Oregonian past time: Camping with her family