Cannabinoids for Skin Care

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Lotion

I’m sure you’ve heard that cannabis is great for treating various maladies ranging from migraines to seizure disorders. You can thank the cannabinoids!

Cannabinoids are the molecules that are found in the cannabis plant and many folks don’t realize that they’re also created naturally by our bodies. Cannabinoids are like little keys that open pathways in cells to help them regulate a wide range of functions from metabolism to immune response. Nerve cells, such as the ones found in your noggin, love cannabinoids. They have neuroprotective properties, which is just what it sounds like.

On your mind

THC, in particular, fits into receptors in brain cells and causes a cascade of effects including upping production of dopamine — the stuff that makes you feel happy. Another cannabinoid, CBD is the second-most common found in cannabis. It’s just a wee bit different than THC in its molecular structure, fitting into different receptors, and so has different effects. CBD is still great for your brain, but doesn’t get you high.

Beyond the high

Of all the great and powerful things that THC and CBD do to brain cells, they also do to almost all the cells in your body. All the major organs have cannabinoid receptors. Do you know what the biggest organ is? It’s your skin!

Free the radicals

Although there’s no dopamine involved, THC and CBD make skin happy in other ways. You see, cannabinoids are known to be very powerful antioxidants. Far more powerful than vitamin C, in fact. So, what’s an antioxidant? Antioxidants are molecules that latch onto bad molecules called free radicals that can damage cells and cause old saggy skin, and even cancer. Free radicals cause oxidation (which is what happens in fire and rust). Antioxidants, cannabinoids in this case, render free radicals harmless.

But wait, there’s more

But the plot thickens. THC and CBD are also known to be powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Anti-inflammatories are compounds that help regulate your body’s inflammation response. You know when a cut gets all red and swollen and tender? That’s inflammation, and, like oxidation, it can also damage skin. Inflammation goes on at a cellular level, so you can’t always see it. But it’s there, and cannabinoids can help minimize it. So, combine THC and CBD with other healthful and helpful ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter, which help the cannabinoids penetrate deeply while moisturizing your skin and you’ve got yourself a cannabinoid-infused topical that’ll keep your skin thrilled to be covering you.

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