by | Sep 12, 2017 | Purity

The Deal with Distillate

The other day I read an interesting post from a dispensary regarding distillate. It intrigued me because they suggested that distillate is likely to be the next gold standard for cannabis extraction, and they suggested that it’s worth trying if you’re looking for the most pure, clean, and potent concentrate.

Au contraire, mon ami! Let’s back up the bus and think about that for a sec. If I tell you that the purest ice cream out there is basically just ice, doesn’t that kind of break the definition of ice cream? It’s not ice cream, it’s just…boring old ice! It stops making sense when you strip out all of the yummy bits.

Please Don’t Drink Everclear

Similarly, if someone strips out all of the terpenes from a concentrate, what good is that exactly unless you’re specifically trying to avoid the many and varied effects from terpenes and our old friend the entourage effect? Heck, you might as well dump that glass of wine down the drain and go get yourself some Everclear.

Potency + Natural Terpenes = True Love

To be fair, one could argue that distillate is a pure product. But then again it’s often made from extract mistakes that are trying to be rehabilitated, and it is often cut with PG, PEG oil, or aftermarket flavorings to make it thin enough to work in an atomizer. I’m biased, but if you really want a naturally pure product, look for one that gives you a full spectrum of cannabinoids and shares test results with you. With apologies for the gratuitous self-promotion, our process is pure, the terpenes in our extracts are untouched and natural, and our test results (with terps) are available for every strain.

We feel so strongly about providing a pure product that we literally built a company around it.