Myrcene and β-Pinene

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Terpenes

You have questions about myrcene and β-pinene, and we have answers! These are two of our favorite terpenes, and we’re pretty sure they’re about to be yours, too.

Indica versus Sativa?

Pinene - High Desert PureMyrcene is a monoterpene (meaning small and volatile). It’s great for helping you relax and getting you to sleep. (read more here > Ethan Russo’s comprehensive terpene study) If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between indica and sativa, the answer is myrcene. Steep Hill Labs found strains containing more myrcene have sedative (indica) effects and strains with less tend toward sativa.

Loads of Mangoes

Ever hear the rumor that mangoes make you feel extra high? You can thank myrcene for that, too. According to a study on the terpenes in mangoes (Volatile components from mangoes), the fruit contains 0.000012% myrcene. So, you’d have to eat a lot to notice a difference, but we’re not about to squash your scientific curiosity!

Oh, that fresh forest scent

Pinene is another small monoterpene. It’s the most common terpene found in nature. You can find it in tons of plants, including pine trees of course! Plants love it because the smell repels bugs. For those of us without chlorophyll, pinene has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. Plus, it can help improve your memory.

Now, what was I talking about again? Oh right, time to go track down a strain with pinene!