CO2 Extracted

Soothing Lavender Soak & Fizz

The fizz and fun of a bath bomb with the benefits of Epsom salts


  • Made from scratch with full spectrum extract and a blend of Epsom salts combined with our bath bomb recipe.
  • 400mg of CBD and THC in a soothing and fizzy 1:1 blend.  Split that into four baths for 100mg of fun in each bath.
  • 16 ounces (453 grams) in a child resistant container.
  • All of our products are cruelty-free.  The only animals we test our products on are our own bad selves!

Are you and your rubber duck ready for your next bath adventure!?  Each child resistant container holds 16 ounces of our fizzy bath mix, which is enough for four typical sized baths.  Of course, you can always use more or less if you’re feeling extravagant or want to stretch it out a bit. Enjoy the fizz and fun of a bath bomb with the added perks of Epsom salts.  Bonus points if you remember Ernie singing this song.

Will it make me feel high?

Nope. As with our other topicals, it’s not psychoactive.

How long should I soak?

Soak as long as you like or until you go full prune mode.

Do I have to worry about the color staining me or my tub?

Our bath bombs are formulated to lend color to your bath water without staining your tub or coloring your soon to be soft skin.

What’s it made from?

Our fizzy soaking salts are made from scratch with all-natural, skin-friendly ingredients.  The main ingredients are Epsom salts, our bath bomb blend, and of course cannabinoids. The specific ingredients are always listed on our labels.


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