Full Spectrum

Mimosa Aloe Gel

You had me at aloe.

  • 600 mg of full-spectrum extract in a ‭1:1‭ ‬CBD/THC blend
  • ‭118 ml (4 fl oz) flip-top container
  • Formulated with aloe vera, argan oil, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and panthenol (vitamin B5)
  • Alcohol-free, unlike many aloe products, so there’s no risk of burning your skin
  • Lightly scented with blood orange
  • All our products are cruelty-free
  • Vegan

Thousands of years ago, Egyptian pharaohs called aloe the “Plant of Immortality.” We’re pretty sure we’re not immortal yet (no one in the HDP office is willing to test it), but we do know that our aloe gel provides the cooling, soothing relief we need after a long day in the sun. We formulated our gel with argan oil, which is thought to provide relief for achy, irritated skin. And the blood orange scent is as bright and summery as a poolside cocktail. So go on, stay in the sun too long! We dare you!

Aloe vera is a skin-soother and moisturizer. It’s thought to provide relief for sunburns, razor burns, tattoos, bug bites, psoriasis, cold sores, and other minor skin irritations. 

Argan oil is commonly found in after-sun care products.  It is thought to provide relief for acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) is thought to offer a variety of skin benefits, largely related with improving the appearance of aged and photodamaged skin.

Vitamin B5 (panthenol) is felt to have anti-inflammatory properties and thought to mitigate itching.


Our full list of ingredients is on the outside of each bottle.

Will it make me feel high?

Nope. Our aloe gel is not psychoactive. Because the cannabinoids in topicals aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream, they won’t make you feel high.

Why is there a preservative?

Any topical product that includes water must also include a preservative. Otherwise, you’d end up rubbing a spoiled product on your skin, and then we’d both look silly.

Why is the potency number on my label different from what I see on your website/what was on my last product?

Have you noticed that some topical companies always list the same THC and CBD potency numbers on their products? This is a red flag.


The potency of full-spectrum extract varies slightly from batch to batch, as do topicals made with full-spectrum extract. Other concentrated cannabis products—like distillate THC—produce consistent potency numbers, but at what cost? Distillates strip cannabis down to its most basic—and least useful—form. Unlike distillate, full-spectrum extract uses the whole cannabis plant and preserves all the healthful compounds. 


We use full-spectrum extract in our topicals. The potency numbers on our website are targets, and as such, the unique numbers printed on each label might be slightly higher or lower depending on the batch.